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Quotes & Ladders

A Weekly Quote & Question Journal To Fire Up Your Business One Spark at a Time

Gregory F. Pashke

A wonderfully simple and practical handbook that will elevate your perspective, grow your business –– even transform your life…


Tap The Power Within You – Vulnerability, Uniqueness, Courage & Authenticity

Gabriela Elena Blaga

VUCA2 is an interactive, heart-based approach to addressing and engaging people, opportunities, problems, or challenges.

The Hoshin North Star Process

Set Your Priorities Straight in 7 Easy Steps

Matthew K. Cross

The World’s First interactive workbook that distills the treasured Hoshin North Star team strategic planning process for individual self-leadership and transformation.

Nature’s Secret Nutrient

Discover the Golden Ratio for Vibrant Health, Performance & Longevity

Robert D. Friedman, M.D. & Matthew K. Cross

This landmark series advances the work of Golden Ratio geniuses such as Pythagoras, Da Vinci, and Einstein into a universal health and healing system.

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Be Your Own President

A Playbook for Life, Liberty, Happiness & Leadership

Matthew K. Cross

What would you do if you were President of the United States (or your home country if not the USA)?

Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow

The Wit, Wisdom & Wonder of Steve Jobs

Matthew K. Cross & Gurumarka Khalsa

A unique exploration into the foundational genius and timelessly accessible gifts of the legendary Apple co-founder.

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