Online Learning

Through our parent company -- -- we offer a unique suite of tools and trainings which enhance individual, team and organizational leadership, responsibility, and performance.

Among our popular offerings are the following Masterclasses. Deeper immersion trainings are also available in multi-session, half/full day, and retreat formats.

✅ The NorthStar Process

The unparalleled prioritization, alignment, action & results process which guides Toyota& world leading organizations. Distilled for individual and team leadership application.Based on the book by Leadership Alliance founder Matthew Cross.

✅ Maximize YourGreen Zone:

Identifying & aligning individual + team strengths to raise collective productivity & fulfilment.

✅ Optimal Communication Strategies

Applying the 8 key principles for effective synergy in all communications.

✅ The PeakPerformance System:

Applying key performance principles & practices to assure maximum energy, focus & flow in work and life.

✅ Kaizen Quality InAction:

Upgrading the quality & efficiency of daily workflow, data-based decision making and continuous improvement.

✅ Using your VUCA2 power to better live in a VUCA world:

A practical and easy to implement guide for self-examination on the path of authentic leadership.