The Millionaire’s Map

The Millionaire’s Map

Your 21-day Playbook for Prosperity


The Millionaire's MAP(tm) is an  21-day process that fuses the power and intention of your imagination with the science of conscious design. A man receives a new car out of the blue, a struggling actor films a lucrative national television commercial and a consultant’s career and income takes a quantum leap, all shortly after completing The Millionaire’s Map. Ingeniously based on the fascinating Fibonacci Sequence [0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21], the process in this book activates a powerful, ancient Code—the Universal Code of growth, abundance and success. An original, fun 21-day adventure in thinking bigger, The Millionaire’s Map is a great game of focused imagination for creating abundance and the life you desire. 


• Experience creativity, fun, freedom and expansion regarding money, spending and wealth growth 

• Gain greater clarity about the life values most important to you

• Upgrade any scarcity or “just enough” thinking patterns to new patterns of increasing cash flow and lasting abundance

• Practice dealing with larger and larger sums of money

• Set the stage to receive true wealth and abundance in all areas of your life 

The Millionaire’s Map is an original, fun adventure in thinking bigger and attracting greater abundance, wealth and good fortune. Based on the infinite Fibonacci Sequence, The Millionaire's MAP(tm) accesses the universal code of growth and success—the Golden Ratio. Featuring 21 short chapters, one for each day, it's an easy way to activate Nature’s Growth and Abundance Code in your life. The Golden Ratio is the master design and growth code of the Universe, which has fascinated geniuses from Da Vinci to Einstein. The Millionaire's MAP(tm) is the first book in history to integrate this code into an easy method for expanding your imagination, blueprinting your future and creating the life your desire. Going through The Millionaire's MAP(tm) process feels like creating your own ideal world in your imagination, which sets the stage for creating it in your reality. As Olympic champion Billy Mills (featured in the book) says, "The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality or imagination." Begin your Millionaires MAP(tm) adventure today and prepare to set sail for your dreams.

Testimonials & Online Reviews
The Millionaire’s Map is the most powerful prosperity tool I've yet to encounter in 20 years of studying money and personal development. It opened my eyes to my best financial future, and it opened my heart to my highest, greatest, grandest values because it also acts as an extraordinary clarifier of your passions. And I must add this: For the first time in my life I feel completely open and ready to receive millions, and I've never had so much fun with money as I did while working through the book’s easy daily exercises. I highly recommend The Millionaires Map to all my friends, because it works profoundly on so many levels. Thank you, Matthew! 

Patrick Combs, Bestselling author, Major In Success, Man 1 Bank 0 and The Purpose Code; inspirational speaker, entertainer, storyteller; co-founder, Bliss Champions

The Fibonacci Sequence is the Mathematical Code to Nature… It’s a mathematical sequence that the whole universe is based on.

Joe Rogan, podcaster, comedian & ESPN host; speaking about the Fibonacci Sequence on his renowned podcast

Please accept the following sincere and heartfelt words of thanks for The Millionaire’s Map. Seven years ago, my wife Mary and I moved our training company, and for various reasons and unfortunate circumstances, income from our thirty-year old business declined dramatically. A few months ago, our good friend Dr. Lou Savary kindly shared a copy of your book with us—and we proceeded to devour it with a passion. The results have been extraordinary. No sooner did we finish the book’s exercises for a first time, new contracts began pouring in. We continue to experience even more dramatic results each time we repeat the exercises. There is no way Mary and I can thank you enough for The Millionaire’s Map! 

Peter J. Esseff, Ph.D., Vice President & Technical Director, ESF Inc. 

This book has been instrumental in changing my life. Briefly, since I began working with The Millionaire's Map my income has increased threefold. Initially, I was doing contract work, which was filled with great opportunity, however, it was inconsistent. Working with The Millionaire's Map I got steady work in the bottom of the Grand Canyon and so doubled my income! Recognizing the great potential, I continued practicing the exercises in The Millionaire's Map. Before the year was out, I was offered a national position which more than double my income! I continue to observe that the principles taught in the Millionaire's Map work in my life. Because it is a process and a daily practice, it continues to infuse my life with POSSIBILITY. In the current economic climate, I have gleaned the tools I need to create my next steps. It is genius. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! 

Dianne Duncan Perrote

The Millionaire’s Map is a ground-breaking 21-day journey to the abundance that is rightfully ours, if we simply ask for it. By simply writing down how we want to spend the allotted amounts each day, we affirm that we not only deserve but we can have that which we yearn for. The first time I did it, it was at times difficult to decide how to spend and give to myself. Page by page, as I accumulated and spent my daily cash allotments, I became more and more comfortable. Soon it became as easy and effortless to make and spend money as it did during the exercises. All of this began to manifest in my life as abundance in ways I never imagined. The exercises in The Millionaires Map make it easy and fun to transition from positive affirmations to an abundant reality. 

Bruce Mandelbaum, Lic. Ac., LMT Acupuncturist and Peak Performance Massage Therapist 

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