Tap The Power Within You – Vulnerability, Uniqueness, Courage & Authenticity


In this engaging pocket workbook, Gabriela Elena Blaga invites you to explore and activate four of your innate secret strengths: Vulnerability, Uniqueness, Courage and Authenticity. The VUCA2 process is a timeless blend of inspiration, provocative questions and practical wisdom. You’ll enjoy a new level of self-knowledge, empowerment and call to purpose in the pages of this small book with a big heart and much wisdom.

It is valuable to assess outside threats and plan for worst-case scenarios—to engage the original VUCA change management pillars of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in any situation. Yet such efforts are greatly enhanced by starting first with VUCA2: Vulnerability, Uniqueness, Courage and Authenticity. Having your inner sight and strengths clarified and boosted first gives you a secret weapon—which boosts outer world focused planning and action.

Testimonials & Online Reviews
Your Beautiful Book Gave Me Great Energy and Inspiration.

Dr. Petra Müeller-Demary, Founder of Solution Surfers® Romania      

A practical and easy to implement guide that makes an extraordinary contribution to the world of wellness and wellbeing.

Walt Hampton, J.D., Founder & CEO Summit Success, LLC, and bestselling author of Journeys on the Edge: Living A Life That Matters.

Absolutely a great, must read. Authentic content and contagiously motivational! 

Ioan Moldovan

The book is really a practical guide that contributes to a state of wellbeing, stimulates inspiration, encourages the manifestation of vulnerability in a meaningful way in the life of the one who chooses to read it. A manifesto of courage, a gentle and clear encouragement at the same time. An avalanche of emotions with high vibrations. Thank you!

Stefania Dudau

An inspirational book, a journey of self-understanding; convinced me that it is worth fighting for things that I may not have had the courage to think about until now. I believe that through her own experiences, the author manages to create a path that could be followed by all those who strive for a better self. Congratulations!

Mihaela Seciu

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