Nature’s Secret Nutrient

Nature’s Secret Nutrient

Discover the Golden Ratio for Vibrant Health, Performance & Longevity

Richly Illustrated

The Ultimate System for Health, Healing & Transformation

Φ  Maximize Immunity & Life Force
Φ  Elevate Happiness & Inner Peace
Φ  Enhance Beauty, Relationships & Magnetism
Φ  Access Nature’s Intelligence (NI)
Φ  Activate Your Full Genetic Potential

IceMan Wim Hof endorses Nature’s Secret Nutrient
I love this incredible book. Well done and easy to understand, it’s clearly the work of great investigative spirits. Nature’s Secret Nutrient is about miracles, which happen in your life only when you open up, so open up this book and open up to life. Miracles will happen! 

Wim Hof, The IceMan; author, The Wim Hof Method

This landmark series advances the work of Golden Ratio geniuses such as Pythagoras, Da Vinci, and Einstein into a universal health and healing system: Nature’s Secret Nutrient (NSN). By activating Nature’s master design code—the Golden Ratio—vibrant health, happiness, and longevity are yours for the taking.

Nature and humanity are linked and tuned through Golden Ratio Biomimicry (mirroring Nature’s movements and patterns) as modern medicine is validating. Discover how the ingenious, interactive NSN system unlocks the secrets of Nature’s Intelligence (NI) for health and healing miracles in your life.

Testimonials & Online Reviews
For millennia scientists have noted significant mathematical relationships that seem to optimize function. In this landmark book, these relationships have been extended to optimizing our lifestyle. Obviously, we are all genetically unique, so one size does not fit all. However there are limits beyond certain mathematical relationships where performance drops. This book provides an excellent starting point to retake control of your life by finding and honoring those limits. I strongly recommend it.

Dr. Barry Sears, health, performance and longevity pioneer; bestselling author, The Zone 

A masterpiece. By uncovering the universal key to health, healing, and beauty, Dr. Friedman & Matthew K. Cross have unlocked a “secret” formula that can help us transform each area of our lives so that quality longevity is within the reach of every human being. This book deserves a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S., C.N.S., bestselling author, The Fat Flush Plan 

Yourbook is a real Ali Baba’s Treasure: I open a page at random and each time I discover simple and valuable information I did not know… Bravo!      

Jean-claudPerez, Phd, Biomathematician & collaborator with Noble Prize Winner LucMontagne, discoverer of AIDS

If Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison were alive today, they would no doubt be impressed to see how Dr. Robert D. Friedman and Matthew K. Cross have ingeniously utilized the Golden Ratio in the pursuit of health and longevity.

Michael J. Gelb, bestselling author, How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci 

The key to improving and maintaining health is to approach the challenge from all sides. This book is genius because it does exactly that. It considers all the angles in a unique and proactive manner that will work wonders for those willing to apply its secrets. 

Dennis Schumacher, M.D., body, mind & wilderness medicine expert

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