Hoshin North Star Playbook

Hoshin North Star Playbook

Get Your Priorities Straight in 7 Easy Steps

Illustrated in color

North Stars. We have them in every facet of our lives—health, relationships, career, finances... When your North Star priorities are in order, life flows; when they’re out of order, so is life. In every case true alignment of your priorities with your life North Star can be the vital difference between mediocre or superior results, disaster or triumph. What to do? Engage the Hoshin North Star Process.™ The Hoshin (Japanese, shiny compass needle showing The Way) North Star is the strategic alignment process guiding world-leading companies such as Toyota, Honda, Proctor & Gamble and 3M. The process elegantly clarifies, sequences & supports your priorities for success, in 7 easy-to-follow steps. Along with Fortune 100 strategist Matthew Cross and the world’s 1st Hoshin North Star workbook, you’ll set your priorities straight to best achieve any goal and:

• Align your actions to your North Star
• Enhance decision-making intelligence
• Clear a runway for your full potential
• Engage in purposeful personal strategic planning
• Blueprint a powerful action plan for solid momentum
• Create the framework to operate smarter & more efficiently
• Sequence key priorities to support breakthrough success in ANY endeavor
• Reveal the right steps to take in the right order towards your goals & dreams

The 7-step Hoshin North Star Process in this book clarifies and lines up your priorities like cross-reinforcing dominos. You’ll get your bearings, set your course and launch onto your best path for any endeavor or challenge. Achieve greater with the wind at your back and the confidence and power that comes from laser-aligning your life priorities to your guiding North Star. 

It’s not Rocket Science—it’s Rocket Fuel for stellar success.

Testimonials & Online Reviews
What you focus on up-front determines your success. It really comes down to what you focus on, and all the rest just falls into place. Matthew Cross’ Hoshin North Star Process masterfully reveals and aligns your up-front success drivers, setting the stage for greater achievement in any pursuit. 

James McNeil, Tech Entrepreneur & Producer, Lo and Behold 

Matthew’s a Genius. 

Marshall Thurber, Mentor to Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) & Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) 

Matthew’s breakthrough Hoshin North Star work continues to have a profound impact on my personal and professional life. 

Jeffrey Klepacki, 3-time Olympian & World Record Holder in Rowing; Senior Financial Management Executive 

Matthew’s brilliance at distilling complex information into usable, practical form has benefitted me immensely. I’ve used the Hoshin North Star Process in my business and personal life; the results have been so significant. I referenced it in my book so my readers could also benefit from this transformative process. 

Jan Jones, President, Jan Jones Worldwide; author, The CEO’s Secret Weapon

Truly amazing at setting your inner compass in the direction of personal success. 

GM Khalsa, Master Yogi; Author, Total Fitness

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