The Magic Manatee

The Magic Manatee

Richly Illustrated in Color

Through Lily’s delightful adventures, we learn that all life is connected-and that we are all teachers, no matter how young. The Magic Manatee is a beautifully illustrated, simple tale that's sure to delight and inspire children of all ages. An original story destined to become an instant classic.

Testimonials & Online Reviews
The Magic Manatee is a beautiful, open-hearted story about saving a species of sacred creatures who bring wonder to the world. Highly recommended!

Judith Orloff, M.D., best-selling author, Second Sight and Positive Energy

I hope this delightful story encourages many children to love, care for, and protect the creatures with whom we share our beautiful planet...

John Robbins, Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of the best-selling book Diet For A New America and Founder of EarthSave 

Aren't all Manatee's Magic? As a child growing up in Miami, we called them Sea Cows. Gentle and mysterious, yet they lacked the ‘flash’ of other sea creatures like the dolphin. Matthew Cross and Vivian Howell have given me that ‘flash’! In this delightful book they have created a world that all children will adore, even the grown-up kind. Simple, delightful, humorous, and wise are words that describe this story. It can remind a child that they are important and that they can make a difference in the world. In our fast high-tech world, this book is a welcome change of pace.

GM Khalsa, author, Total Fitness

Matthew Cross and Vivian Howell have brilliantly and imaginatively brought to the forefront of environmental awareness the impending extinction of the manatee not only for children, but for grown-ups as well. Yet it is not only a crisis for the manatee, but a wake-up call for all of humanity, as the manatee is yet another of the many ‘canaries in the coal mine’ of our present culture. My hope is that the children and adults who get this message will be inspired to work some of their own magic by helping to savenot only the manatees, but humanity as well.

Robert Friedman, M.D., Co-author of the bestselling Nature’s Secret Nutrient

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