The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom

The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom

English & Romanian

Romania. For most of the world, the name usually conjures up images of Dracula, Olympic gymnastics legend Nadia Comaneci — and not much else. Yet this country with a rich history stretching back thousands of years contains countless wonders and hidden gems, producing many people who’ve made a major impact on our world.

Their Wisdom has remained hidden behind the barrier of a language spoken by less than 25 million people worldwide.

All selections within this book are from people born in Romania, including: • Hollywood legends Edward G. Robinson, Bela Lugosi (the original Dracula), and Johnny Weissmuller (the original Tarzan) • Elie Weisel, Nobel Prize-winning author • Olympic gold medal gymnast Nadia Comaneci • Renowned sculptor Constantin Brancusi • The lesser known outside Romania, such as poet Mihai Eminescu (whose fame it’s said would have rivaled Shakespeare, had Eminescu written in English). This Book will give you a meaningful glimpse into the heart and soul of Romania and its people—both the world-famous and everyday citizens.

From the Authors

We created The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom to be both an introduction and an invitation to go deeper into the wisdom and soul of a country, and in the process, awaken the wisdom of the heritage within each of us. We hope you enjoy this collection of Romanian quotes and pearls of wisdom as much as we enjoyed assembling it.

Diana Doroftei and Matthew Cross

Testimonials & Online Reviews
Forget Count Dracula. I would say I LOVE this little quote book but that would be inappropriate. I learned that Romanians are reluctant to use the word love the way we Americans do because it dilutes the meaning of such an important word. The more I thought about this, the more I had to agree. Buried in this book are just such thought provoking gems. Often, we learn more about who we are as products of our culture by exploring another. Awesome read. Wait, is AWESOME too strong, and overused?     

Ann Sheybani, author, How To Eat The Elephant: Build Your Book in Bite-Sized Steps

Amazing culture. I love this book. My friend is Romanian, and I wanted to know more about their culture. You will find a lot of things about them.


What a terrific book full of Romanian wisdom about art, family, health and so much more. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Dean Karrel

Romanians have an engrained wisdom, an ancestral quality to inspire, create, and guide others. The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom proves once again their perception, knowledge, judgements, and passions. Nicely crafted, this book is the ultimate guide for all those interested in discovering themselves while learning about this mystical country: Romania.

Aura Imbarus, author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book Out of the Transylvanian Night

This little book is a gem that makes Romanian wisdom and culture shine! I am very grateful to Diana, who grew American wings, yet continues to celebrate her Romanian roots in such a lovely way. There is so much to say about the richness of the Romanian spirit, and this admirable endeavor does a lot in this respect. Bravo! To many more... 

Simona Miculescu, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Permanent Representative of Romania to the United Nations 

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