The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence

The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence

Golden Keys to Your Genius, Health, Wealth & Excellence
300+ Color Illustrations

The Concise Portal to the Universal Growth, Design and Success Code. It’s been called the Secret of the Universe a Most Precious Jewel, Nature’s Path of Least Resistance and Maximum Performance and The Golden Key to the Cosmos.

It is the Grand Pattern of Life, Growth and Success. It has fascinated and appears in the works of the world’s greatest geniuses, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs. Now, the open secret of the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence is revealed for your enjoyment and application. In this book you’ll journey through Golden Ratio appearances and applications throughout Nature and the Universe and in all fields of human existence and endeavor, including art, architecture, astronomy, beauty, business, culture, design, finance, health and longevity, geometry, mathematics, medicine, relationships, science, and spirituality. This book presents a delightful cornucopia of Golden Ratio facts and facets, offering a bright window into its universality and power. The information presented is laser-like, with the ability to activate your unique genius and transform your consciousness. Universal wisdom will be at your fingertips once your Golden Doors of Perception are opened to the sacred design code of the Universe: The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence

Testimonials & Online Reviews
Golden Opportunities. This book is extremely well written and easy to digest; I especially enjoyed the vibrant images illustrating the subject on every page. The Golden Ratio is evident in every aspect of our lives and when we fully open this secret and put it into practice, our greatest potential is realized.

Emily Jones

Worth it! Excellent read! You will start understanding your connection with the Universe… It is life changing read…. I highly recommend this book… All the very best.

Famir Shah

A Must Read for one who wants to make a real difference in perspectives. Excellent book for clarifying and help open up the perspective thru examples and experiences around us. I got lot of insights around how to spot the patterns for golden ratio and even apply the same in life.


GREAT. Basic yet great introduction to the information! Easy to understand.

Lucky Lou

Educational. Good examples of the Fibonacci sequence. It seems to be geared to a 9th-10th grade audience, but it is a good book for all ages interested in learning more about the golden rule.

MM designer

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