The Divine Code

The Divine Code

The Golden Ratio

The Divine Code – The Golden Ratio - is the key to a vast treasure, hidden within you right now. It is Nature's Secret Success Code, hardwired within everyone and woven through the Universe. It's behind history's great geniuses and their works. It illuminated Einstein to the Universe's mysteries at 12 and fascinated DaVinci, who encoded it within his masterpieces. This ubiquitous, open-secret Code appears in Apple's iPhone, the Great Pyramid, the works of Thomas Jefferson, Michael Jackson and Hollywood beauty expert Anastasia Soare-who demonstrated it on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Dan Brown devoted an entire chapter (20) to it in The Da Vinci Code. The Divine Code guides the form and function, structure and movement, of everything in the Universe, from our micro-DNA all the way to the macro galaxies. It's "Nature's Path of Least Resistance and Maximum Performance." How can you apply the Code to create great health, relationships, wealth, peak performance and success of all measure? The answers are in this book, where you'll meet great geniuses, discover secrets hidden since the dawn of time and learn how to apply this simple, profound Code to every facet of your life. The benefits of applying the Divine Code, i.e., the Golden Mean/Ratio (1.618), Golden Spiral, Rectangle, Star and Fibonacci Sequence 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13... are infinite and fascinating, including the activation of your own genius potential. Once activated, your genius can begin to manifest in your life. You'll be joining the great company of Einstein, Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Pythagoras, Plato, Kepler, Asimov, Disney, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs-and countless other Divine Code geniuses throughout history. What separates them from you is only one thing. Their Divine Code was activated. The keys to activating your full genius and life potential are within the pages of this breakthrough book.

Testimonials & Online Reviews
Matthew Cross and Dr. Robert Friedman take one of Creation's great secrets [the Golden Ratio] and make it accessible, engaging and fun.

Michael J. Gelb, bestselling author, How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci; Innovate like Edison

I met Matthew Cross recently. He has been studying the Divine Ratio since childhood. I have used it in my investment business for years, and in reading his book, learned and understood more in 10 minutes than decades of use in my business. Knowledge to live by.

Charlie Andriole, Financial Advisor 

A true masterpiece. I just re-read The Divine Code, this time to savor its exquisite intricacies. It is a stunning masterpiece. The code is interwoven into all of life, into everything we are, into everything we do. To understand it is to understand the very fabric of our being. To live its principals is to live in harmony with all that is. Cross and Friedman have created a timeless resource and a grand guide - the ultimate guide - to success in all we endeavor to experience and accomplish in our lives. 

Walt Hampton, J.D., Founder & CEO Summit Success, LLC, and bestselling author of Journeys on the Edge: Living A Life That Matters.

From the Back Cover:  

The Golden Ratio is the Secret of the Universe.


The Divine Proportion is a scale of proportions which makes the bad difficult [to produce] and the good easy.

Albert Einstein

The Fibonacci Sequence is the Mathematical Code to Nature… It’s a mathematical sequence that the whole universe is based on.

Joe Rogan, podcaster, comedian & ESPN host; speaking about the Fibonacci Sequence on his renowned podcast

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