Quotes & Ladders

Quotes & Ladders

A Weekly Quote & Question Journal To Fire Up Your Business One Spark at a Time


Greg Pashke has written that rare book which touches mind, heart, and soul. Through his simple genius of providing 52 provocative weekly quotes for us to pause and reflect on, we are given the gift of enhanced insight and the potential for more effective action. I especially enjoy Greg’s engagingly interactive approach as he leads you through each weekly quote and supporting questions. The first rung on your golden ladder to upgraded impact and fulfilment awaits. Are you ready? On your mark… get set… and enjoy the journey!

From the foreword by Matthew K. Cross

Testimonials & Online Reviews
A fantastic Tool For Weekly Development. Greg Pashke has created a valuable tool for weekly self-development. The book asks probing questions to stimulate thoughtful improvement. If you are looking for business and personal development tools - you have found your toolbox!

Jay Berkowitz

A Simple Tool to Examine and Improve Your Business Through Team Collaboration or Personal Growth. You can lead your team through these simple thought and reflection exercises and improve all aspects of your business together. You can also use the exercises to improve your own performance. I found the Quotes to be meaningful, on point and fun! Thanks Greg!

Brian F. 

Insightful and easy to put in use! This is a great resource to help reinforce ideals and concepts to my team! It is amazing how these quotes resonate with our needs and the questions provide a stimulus to put them into action. Thanks Greg!!

Arthur L. Miller

Great tool for either personal or team growth! First hearing about this book from other long standing business owners in my community the book sounded like a good read. After working with it I like how the topics lead you through focused topics in reflection, the present and what is your plan on action. Great tool that gets you writing about many facets within your business. Highly recommended for personal use or with your managers and team.


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